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Thoughts and observations about roller skating.

Roller skates of awesome

At first she was too terrified to move, but what she was able to do next will amaze you.

Hi, there! Welcome to Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating, Clickbait Edition! At Raw Meat, we’ll teach you to roller skate, and, while it sounds cheesy, it’s true: you will amaze yourself. Come join us on Saturday nights from 5-7 pm at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St., and see what you are capable of. Scared […]

Good bye, Sonia

This has been a very difficult post to write, because no words can adequately address what I’m feeling. Last week, the derby community in Vancouver lost someone very special. Sonia Nazarewich passed away. She was 25. Sonia skated with Raw Meat last summer, and moved on to skate with the Terminal City Roller Girls’ Bad […]

Cassandra Pain, Riot Girl

Roller Derby is supposed to be fun!

Here are a few sage words of advice about trying out for a league from veteran skater (and Raw Meat alum!) Cassandra Pain, with the TCRG’s Riot Girls. It’s that time of year again when potential rollergirls are working hard to tryout for their local league. They’re studying up on the rules of roller derby […]

Raw Meat Skaters can now qualify for CRDI Insurance

The cost is $25. Please follow the instructions in the form below, and list your league as Raw Meat. Any questions about this should be directed to CRDI Insurance. This insurance offers the necessary personal needed coverage to attend various roller derby bootcamps and events. Please read through the coverage statements to understand what this […]

The Twelve Days of Roller Skating

On the first day of skating, My mean coach said to me, “Skate like you’re squatting down to pee.” On the second day of skating, My mean coach said to me, “Build buns of steel, Skate like you’re squatting down to pee.” On the third day of skating, My mean coach said to me, “I’m […]