Raw Meat Roller Skating

A place for women to learn roller-derby-style skating in a fun, non-contact atmosphere.

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  • InterStella Burst and Beverly Bonecrusher guest coach at Raw Meat Roller Skating!

    It’s such a purrfect day for roller skating with Raw Meat!

    Oh, it’s such a purrfect day I’m glad I spent it with you Oh, such a purrfect day You just keep me skating on You just keep me skating on Get your long weekend off on the right wheel by joining us for a very special session of Raw Meat Roller Skating! This session will […]

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  • Carpe Diem, Derby Dreamers!

    Do you dream of playing roller derby one day? Yes? Well, then what are you waiting for? Come learn to roller skate, roller-derby style, at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating. Join us this Saturday, and every Saturday all summer, from 10 am to noon at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue in New […]

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  • Want to learn to roller skate? Come join Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating!

    May 7: Raw Meat Grinder

    All right everyone, here’s the session you’ve been waiting for. This week, you are going to learn how to do 27-in-5*. We’ll take a look at speed skating form, work on strength drills to build your skating muscles, and examine how best to position yourself on the track to crush your WFTDA basic skills testing. […]

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  • Learn to roller skate with Raw Met Vancouver!

    April 30: (Roller) Skate it until you make it!

    April 30: Skate it until you make it! Question: How many times have you said, “I want to learn to roller skate”? 10 100 1,000 I lost count a while ago. Answer:  Get off your butt and do it already! Join Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating to learn to roller skate, learn the basics of […]

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  • Snow Crash crashes on the track and lives to tell the tale.

    April 23: Sucking at something is the first step

    “Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something.” Jake the Dog, Adventure Time Jake just about sums it all up, right there. If there’s anything you want to learn, from roller skating to quadratic equations, you’re going to go through a period of sucking. Depending on your background and […]

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  • Learn to skate with Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

    April 16: Raw Meat Roller Skating at Royal City Curling Club!

    Hey, folks! This is the day you’ve been waiting for! On April 16, Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating returns to Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue in New Westminster. We’ll be at RCCC from 10 AM to noon every Saturday all summer. Sessions are $12, and are always drop-in. Just come on by! […]

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  • Learn to skate with Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

    April 9: Last session at Thunderbird, April 16: First session at RCCC!

    Don’t miss it! This Saturday is the last Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating session at Thunderbird Community Centre until September. Join us this Saturday from 5-7 PM at 2311 Cassiar St. for two hours of roller skating thrills and roller derby drills for just $7. Starting on April 16, our sessions move to Royal City […]

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  • Warning: roller-skating can cause a decrease in adult worries, and an increase in childlike wonder.

    Experts warn against adults learning to roller skate

    For Immediate Release: Vancouver, BC, April 1, 2016 – The founders of Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating have revealed that over the five and half years of roller skating instruction, the group was secretly conducting a long-term study on the behavioral effects of roller-skating on adults. Today, the shocking results are in: roller-skating causes an […]

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  • Join Raw Meat Roller Skating on March 26 for an Easter Eggstravaganza!

    March 26: Easter Eggstravaganza!

    All hopped up on Cadbury mini eggs with nowhere to go? Come burn off your sugar rush at Raw Meat Roller Skating this Saturday! There’s nothing like a little roller skating to get you in the holiday mood. Your hot cross buns will be burning by the time we finish our workout. We’ll have a […]

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