Raw Meat Roller Skating

A place for women to learn roller-derby-style skating in a fun, non-contact atmosphere.

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  • This May long weekend, come learn to roller skate with Raw Meat!

    May 16: Long Weekend Lowdown

    “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.” Queen Victoria Want to roller skate faster? Want to be stronger? Want to be an unstoppable object of a jammer, and in immovable object of a blocker? Of course you do! This week at Raw Meat Roller Skating, we’re going to celebrate […]

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  • Rme

    Raw Meat May 11: Roller skating is very serious

    If you want to learn the fine and noble art of roller skating, you must approach the track with reverence, discipline, and a sober mien. At Raw Meat Roller Skating, we take a calm, measured approach to teaching you roller skating and roller derby. We emphasize respect, caution, and hard work. Under no circumstances do […]

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  • On May 2, come learn to roller skate with coach Snow Crash!

    May 2: Mayday! Mayday! It’s a Snow Crash!

    Fasten your seatbelts, meaties, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. This Saturday, Snow Crash is running amuck Snow Crash is running the session. You’ll learn all the roller skating tips and tricks she knows. If you are lucky, she might even show you the pterodactyl. It will be weird, it will be hilarious, and […]

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  • Learn to transition on roller skates with Raw Meat

    April 25: You spin me right round

    Wheeeee! This week, we’re going to have some fun with transitions. You’ll be turning right round like a record, baby, before you know it. When we’re not working on transitions, we’ll be whipping around the track, working on various roller-skating and roller derby drills and thrills. Whether you are strapping on your roller skates for […]

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  • Want to learn to roller skate? Come join Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating!

    April 18: Royal City, here we come!

    Alright, everyone! It’s time to put on your big-girl panties and cowgirl up. Raw Meat is moving to Royal City Curling Club for the summer, and we are going to have some fun! We’ll be at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster, every Saturday all summer from 10 AM to noon. […]

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  • April 11 is the last Raw Meat at Thunderbird until the Fall! April 18: RCCC!

    Bye, bye, our old Thunderbird Gym It’s so tiny when we’re skating but we’re leaving today And the good ole floor with its dirt and decay Singin’ I’ll see you ‘gain in the fall I’ll see you ‘gain in the fall That’s right, everybody, April 11 is our last day at Thunderbird Community Centre until […]

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  • Join Raw Meat Roller Skating on April 4 for an eggstra fun skate!

    Raw Meat Roller Skating April 4: Hot Cross Puns

    Hop on down to Thunderbird Community Centre this Saturday, and get your roller skate on. We’ll work on stops, falls, agility, weaving, pacelines, jumping, and more—with an Easter twist. By Easter twist, I mean there’ll be lots of bad Easter puns. It’ll be eggstrodinary. Skaters of all abilities are welcome. If you are complete beginner, […]

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  • March is going out like a lion, but you can still skate with Raw Meat this Saturday.

    Raw Meat Roller Skating March 28: Out Like a Lion

    Awww, shucks. Just when it was looking like seawall skating weather was upon us, this terrible rain rolls in. Boo! However, you can still enjoy a couple of hours of roller skating on Saturday if you join us from 5-7 PM at Thunderbird Community Centre. Why wouldn’t you want to join us? We’ll work on […]

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  • Raw Meat Roller Skating March 21: Spring Has Sprung

    Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where all the skaters is? Come on, everybody! Time to grab your skates, lace up, and work on your skills before the seawall season kicks into high gear. Join us this Saturday, March 21, from 5-7 PM at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St., for some […]

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