Raw Meat Roller Skating

A place for women to learn roller-derby-style skating in a fun, non-contact atmosphere.

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  • On January 24, come learn to skate with Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating!

    January 24: Ode to a Roller Skater

    Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous skatie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! Thou need na grab the wall sae firmly, Wi’ terror so surely! I wad be glad to learn and teach thee, The rollering derby! I doubt na, whiles, but thou may bail; What then? poor skater, thou’ll nae fail! A fall or two, […]

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  • Learn to roller skate in 2015 with Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

    January 17: Resolution Redux

    I know for a fact that a few of you who resolved to skate more in 2015 did not show up for the first Raw Meat of the year last week. So, here’s your chance to make good. Come out this Saturday, and have some fun! Whether you just got your skates, or you just […]

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  • Resolve to learn to skate in 2015

    January 10: New Year’s Resolution Skate

    By January 10, most people have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions, and are back lounging on the couch, eating chips, drinking whiskey and watching bad TV. But not you, though! This year, January 10 is the day you kick it into high gear, and set yourself up for a year of success. Whether […]

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  • December 20: Holiday Hootenanny

    Happy Holidays, Everyone! This Saturday is the last Raw Meat session of 2014, so let’s go out with a bang! Grab your skates and join us for festive fun. We’ll skate hard, and play harder. Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Yalda, Festivus, Christmas or Newtonmas, nothing says celebration like goofing around on eight wheels! Remember, this […]

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  • Join us for roller skating fun on Dec 13!

    December 13: Mincemeat!

    Dashing round the track Like a roller derby girl O’er the floor we go, Racing all the way Skates on newbies shine, Barely broken in, What fun it is to skate and sing, A derby song tonight. Oh, wristguards smell, wristguards smell, Stinking all the way, Oh, what fun it is to roll, Like a […]

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  • Raw Meat Roller Skating Dec. 1: Tis the Season!

    December 6: Ode to the Roller Derby World Cup

    Dashing round the curve In the last jam of the night. O’er the track they go Awesome all the way. Stars on jammers shine Making many points What fun it is to skate and win The derby cup tonight! Derby smells, derby smells, Derby all the way. Oh! what fun it is to skate In […]

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  • November 29: Meme-tacular Raw Meat

    You get a skating session and You get a skating session… Everyone gets a skating session! We’ll be double-rainbowing it all the way this Saturday at Thunderbird. Leek-spin your way to East Van and join us for 2 hours of skating that’ll rate over 9000. Thankfully honey-badger won’t be coaching… he don’t give a damn. […]

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  • Guest Coach Percy Riot is going to show you some moves!

    Raw Meat Roller Skating Nov. 22: Low Down and Dirty

    That’s what she said. No, really. That’s what Percy Riot said about this Saturday’s session of Raw Meat. She’s guest coaching, and she’s planning to work on agility, speed, skating form, and the true meaning of getting lower. As for the dirty part, well, I guess you’ll just have to come out and skate this […]

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  • Vote in your municipal election on Nov. 15!

    November 15: Vote First, Skate Later

    Here’s your friendly Raw Meat PSA: This Saturday, vote in your municipal election! Your mayor and council, school board and parks board decide on the future of your city, what property tax you will pay, how your children’s schools will be run, what transit you can access, and what recreational facilities get build (hello derby […]

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