Raw Meat Roller Skating

A place for women to learn roller-derby-style skating in a fun, non-contact atmosphere.

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  • Learn to roller skate with Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

    July 4: Five reasons you should come skate at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

    Here’s five great reasons you should come to Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating: You want to learn to roller skate. This is where we’re a Viking! We’ve had people show up to Raw Meat with their brand new roller skates still in the box. We’ll show you how to stop, fall, jump, move with agility, […]

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  • Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating is turning 5! Come celebrate with us!

    July 18: Raw Meat is five!

    Can you believe it? Raw Meat is five years old! It all started in the summer of 2010, when Snow Crash asked if anyone was interested in pooling together to rent some space to learn to roller skate together. The first lesson consisted of Snow, saying, “Um, well, if I blow a whistle, maybe we […]

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  • On June 27, come learn to roller skate with coach Snow Crash!

    June 27: A Snowy Day in June

    Whew. It’s going to be a scorcher this weekend. On Saturday, you should beat the heat with a long, cool drink of slushy Snow Crash. That’s right. Expect some chillin’, trillin’ and spillin’ from Raw Meat’s own special snowflake. This frosty former Faster Pussycat will show you her wild and wacky roller skating style. She’ll […]

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  • Learn to roller skate with Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

    June 20: Saucy Solstice Skate

    What better way to welcome the second-longest day of the year than to get up early and roller skate for two hours? Seriously, could there be anything better? Since you’ll have a very long day after our session to get out there skate the seawall, we’re going to focus on the basic roller skating skills […]

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  • Join Raw Meat Roller Skating on June 13 for a great summer skate!

    Raw Meat Roller Skating June 13: Summer Skate

    Hey there! In town for Summer Slam? Why not drop by Raw Meat Roller Skating first, for a nice warmup? Everyone at every skating level is welcome. Just bring your gear, and come have fun! Not quite tournament ready? That’s ok! No matter your level of roller skating skill, you are welcome at Raw Meat. […]

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  • Join Raw Meat Roller Skating to learn to skate, roller-derby style.

    June 6: Mad Mel: Fury Track

    What a day! What a lovely day! What a lovely day to learn to roller skate, that is! Join us at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating on Saturday from 10 AM to Noon at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Ave. in New Westminster to learn to roller skate and have a blast. We […]

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  • Join Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating to learn to skate and have fun!

    Wanna learn to roller skate? You’ve come to the right place!

    [Everyone is welcome at the Raw Meat regular sessions, 12:30 to 2:30![/caption]What’s that? You want to learn to roller skate? You are thinking of joining a roller derby league in the fall? You want to find some exercise that’s really fun? You need more awesome in your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place. […]

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  • Raw Meat Roller Skating May 23: Solar Salute

    This has nothing to do with roller skating, but it’s really cool: a non-profit organization, headed by Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) launched a solar sail today. It’s just so neat! In honour of the solar sail, this week at Raw Meat, we’re going to look at techniques for roller skating safely when you are […]

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  • This May long weekend, come learn to roller skate with Raw Meat!

    May 16: Long Weekend Lowdown

    “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.” Queen Victoria Want to roller skate faster? Want to be stronger? Want to be an unstoppable object of a jammer, and in immovable object of a blocker? Of course you do! This week at Raw Meat Roller Skating, we’re going to celebrate […]

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