Carpe Diem, Derby Dreamers!

Deaming-derbyDo you dream of playing roller derby one day?

Yes? Well, then what are you waiting for? Come learn to roller skate, roller-derby style, at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating. Join us this Saturday, and every Saturday all summer, from 10 am to noon at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue in New Westminster.

At Raw Meat, you’ll learn all the basic skills you need to know to successfully try out for a league, including: stops, falls, transitions, skating backwards, jumps, weaving, skating with others, and more. We’ll also teach you the basics of roller derby strategy and rules, but our sessions are always non-contact, so you can learn safely and with confidence. These sessions are also great for current derby skaters who want to tune up the basics, or just spend more time on eight wheels. Because we’re non-contact, it’s also great for extra practice if you’ve been injured and aren’t ready to return to full contact, or if you are just feeling a little tender but still want to get your skate on.

Not interested in derby? That’s ok! The skills you’ll learn at Raw will also have you skating around the seawall in style, or a great foundation for starting jam skating.

To skate at Raw Meat, you’ll need roller skates, a helmet, a mouth guard, and wrist, elbow and knee pads. If you need gear, check out Their shop is at Main and 11th, and they rent gear, so you can give skating a try. This is also a great option if you are derby girl visiting Vancouver this summer. Just rent some gear and drop in, to keep up your skills.

Sessions are just $12.

We just have two rules: 1. Be safe, 2. Don’t be an asshat.

See you Saturday!