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Thoughts and observations about roller skating.

Raw Meat Skills Test

In follow up to our posting and announcement of our Advanced sessions…. Here it is people, the official Raw Meat Skills Testing Report Card! (Draft) Raw Meat Skills Test PDF There maybe some minor changes before Saturday, but they are cosmetic. The skills as they written here are what you will be tested on henceforth […]

Skates work hard in a derby bout!

How to Play Roller Derby

At Raw Meat, we’ve started to do some no-contact scrimmaging. (And it’s awesome!!!) What’s a no-contact scrimmage? Well, it follows all the rules of a regular WFTDA game, but with absolutely no hitting. This is great fun, and it’s also great practice for all levels of skater. For the technically awesome skaters, scrimmaging offers endless […]

Mish love's freshies

To the Fresh Meat, love from me

For those of you that don’t know, this time of year is Vancouver derby christmas. The special time when Fresh Meat ends and all the league teams get to announce the meaties they will be claiming for their very own. Today was the day that the girls would find out whether they had passed the […]

Roller skates make great presents

Need Presents for Roller Derby Girls or Roller Skaters? Look here!

How do you know if you need to buy roller-skate-themed presents for someone special this Christmas? 5.    The only socks she’ll wear are knee-high and multi-coloured 4.    When her friends talk about roller derby movies, they mean, “Blood on the Flat Track,” not “Whip It”. 3.    She’s covered in bruises and fishnet-rash, and proud of […]

December 11: Join us for the last Raw Meat Skate of 2010!

Is anybody sore after last practice? If you weren’t there, you missed lots of fitness drills, and some fun jammer action. Who knows what’s up for next week? Transitions? Jumping? Roller derby dodge ball? We could do anything. It’s our last skate of the year, and it could be crazy! You should come out. Plus, […]