Roller Derby is supposed to be fun!

Cassandra Pain, Riot GirlHere are a few sage words of advice about trying out for a league from veteran skater (and Raw Meat alum!) Cassandra Pain, with the TCRG’s Riot Girls.

It’s that time of year again when potential rollergirls are working hard to tryout for their local league. They’re studying up on the rules of roller derby and watching every bout they can get their hands on. They’re also worrying.

When I tried out for roller derby I hadn’t played any team sports, I didn’t have too much experience roller skating, I didn’t have pretty gear (brown tall boot skates to be exact) and I was incredibly nervous. Everyone told me not to worry so much, but it didn’t help. I was given some great advice by veteran skaters (smile, breathe, don’t freak out if you fall…) that I did my best to follow. I got through tryouts and was sure I’d failed. I had fallen during a plow stop (how did I manage that?!) right in front of the testers. I got up quickly, but I didn’t smile. I was really angry with myself. Somehow I managed to squeak through and made the fresh meat team.

After helping out with tryouts last year I learned something. Everyone out there testing you wants you to succeed. They’ve all been there and they’re nervous too! Testers are looking for good attitudes, coachability and safety on skates. Do your best and if you fall or don’t do something as well as you’d like, know that you’re not alone. Roller derby is supposed to be fun. Have fun at tryouts and do your best and you’ll have something to be proud of.

Good luck ladies!
C. Pain