Raw Meat Skills Test

In follow up to our posting and announcement of our Advanced sessions….

Here it is people, the official Raw Meat Skills Testing Report Card! (Draft)

Raw Meat Skills Test PDF

There maybe some minor changes before Saturday, but they are cosmetic. The skills as they written here are what you will be tested on henceforth for our Raw Meat Advanced or “Meaty” sessions. These are based on the official WFTDA rules with our own modifications – contact and advanced skills removed and a sliding scale with awesome level added. Only skaters who have passed the basic skills test or are currently certified by a league will be allowed to participate in our Advanced scrimmages. You do not have to pass all of the skills on the test in order to take part in most drills at Meaty sessions, and we will not have scrimmages every session. However, skaters at Meaty sessions must be stable on their skates, and be familiar with basic stops, falls, agility and proximity work.

We will not be explaining the drills during testing and will have minimal time to clarify any details on the 7th of May particularly. We have 2 hours to try and test everyone and we will be running it like a well oiled bearing.

We have gone over all these skills over the course of our Raw Meat sessions, particularly in the last few weeks. If you don’t know what any of the skills are or have questions do the following:

  • Research things – read some derby blogs / sites and watch some videos on proper form
  • Ask Melinda, Kayla or myself in the next few days, Melinda and I will be undergoing testing ourselves on Saturday May 7th so our time for conversation will be minimal
  • Ask yourself if you are ready to progress to the advanced session, there is nothing wrong with getting a better handle on the basics before you undertake this testing, you will be able to test at another time over the summer (just contact us and we will organize it for you).

If you are testing – good luck. Be confident in your ability and give it your best. This is a time to evaluate your skill level and see where you are and what you need to work on. Whether you pass or fail you will get some constructive feedback that will help you to become the skater you want to be.

If you are not ready for testing – don’t worry, with practice and dedication you will get there. Work on your skills and continue to come to our Saturday night classes.

And don’t forget – relax and have fun! Raw Meat will always be a fun, no pressure environment. We are just expanding to cater for more skills levels so everybody can skate safe and challenge themselves at the right pace. Continue to be supportive of each other and each individual’s skill level whatever the results. You are all awesome people – We don’t even need to test that to know it’s true. See you out there!

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