Raw Meat Roller Skating May 23: Solar Salute

This has nothing to do with roller skating, but it’s really cool: a non-profit organization, headed by Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) launched a solar sail today. It’s just so neat!

In honour of the solar sail, this week at Raw Meat, we’re going to look at techniques for roller skating safely when you are out catching rays on the seawall: agility, weaving, deking, and yelling really loudly to get the tourists out of your way. Oh, and all these skills come in handy on the roller derby track, too, whether you are a blocker, jammer or a pivot.

So, grab your gear, and come ready to shine. See you Saturday at 10 am at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue in New Westminster!

About Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

Raw Meat teaches roller-derby-style roller skating. At our sessions, you’ll learn all of the non-contact portion of the WFTDA basic skills: stops, falls, agility, weaving, jumping, skating with others, and more. You’ll also learn some basic roller derby strategy, and have a chance to test your skills in a safe, non-contact atmosphere.

Raw Meat sessions take place every Saturday all summer from 10 am – noon, at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue in New Westminster. Sessions are $12.

All skaters must have roller skates, helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads, and a mouth guard.

We only have two rules: 1. Be safe, 2. Don’t be an ass-hat.

Image: The photo is adapted from Josh Spradling / The Planetary Society