May 16: Long Weekend Lowdown

This May long weekend, come learn to roller skate with Raw Meat! “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.”
Queen Victoria

Want to roller skate faster? Want to be stronger? Want to be an unstoppable object of a jammer, and in immovable object of a blocker? Of course you do!

This week at Raw Meat Roller Skating, we’re going to celebrate Queen Victoria, that tough old bird, with a series of speed skating and form drills that we like to call the meat grinder. You’ll learn good form, and work on strong, powerful crossovers. These drills will help you get to 27-in-5 (the minimum speed standard for skaters in WFTDA leagues) in no time.

If you are a new skater, or still struggle with crossovers, never fear! You can absolutely do all of these drills, and they’ll help you get started with crossovers with good form. Crossovers take time to learn, but this session will help you get closer.

It’s going to be an amazing session. And hey, you’ll still have two days afterwards to recover!

What you’ll learn at Raw Meat

We teach roller-derby style roller skating. You’ll learn the non-contact portion of the WFTDA basic skills (the skills you’ll need to know if you want to try out for a league in the fall), such as stops, falls, agility, weaving, jumping, track awareness, skating with others, and more. We also introduce the basics of roller derby strategy. However, our sessions are always non-contact.

Not interested in derby? Not a problem. All the skills we teach are highly applicable to roller skating the seawall. Ever try to weave through a bunch of tourists? It’s exactly like a jammer trying to get out of the pack.

Raw Meat sessions are open to every level of skater. If this is your first time on skates, we’ll help you get going safely. If you are an experienced skater just looking for time on wheels, we’d love to see you.

What to bring

We require all skaters to have roller skates, helmets, mouth guards, wrist guards, and elbow and knee pads.

You’ll want to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that allows free movement of your legs.

About our sessions

All summer, we’ll be at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster, on Saturdays from 10 AM to noon. In the fall, we’ll change time and venue. Our sessions are $12, and are always drop-in. Just come on by!

See you Saturday!