Raw Meat Roller Skating May 17: Dawn of Destruction

While some people treat the long weekend as an excuse to sleep in, that’s not you. You are going to get up early this Saturday, put on your battle armour, and get ready for Destruction. Andi Struction, that is. This former Pussycat hasn’t turned in her claws. She will share her technique, her wisdom, and her strategies, and help turn you into a lean, mean, fighting machine.

And, if you just want to strap on roller skates and have a little fun, she can do that too.

Just come on down to Royal City Curling Club (75 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster) for 10 AM this Saturday, and have the most fun to be had on eight wheels. Whether you are a grizzled veteran of many a roller derby bout, or you’ve just bought your first roller skates, you are most welcome.

For this session, please bring athletic shoes, and be prepared for an off-skates warmup.

What to bring to Raw Meat Roller Skating

All skaters must have roller skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guards and helmets. Sessions are $12, and exact change is appreciated.

Raw Meat Roller Skating Rules

1. Be safe. 2. Don’t be an asshat.

Our Schedule

Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating will meet all summer on Saturdays from 10 AM to Noon at Royal City Curling Club, EXCEPT for June 7. There is no session on June 7. Other wise, we’ll see you a RCCC every Saturday until August 30. In September, we will return to Thunderbird Community Centre.

Photo courtesy of the always amazing Bob Ayers.