Raw Meat Roller Skating March 30: Easter Eggstravaganza

Happy sunshine, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a chance to get outside and skate in this glorious weather!

This Saturday, Raw Meat will be three hours of hippity-hoppity fun. Join us at 2311 Cassiar St. from 5-8 for a review of roller skating basics with a seasonal twist. You never know what crazy drills will come tumbling out of our Easter basket of awesome. One thing is for sure: you’ll work off some that chocolate! Come on out and join us. Skating, games, good times, what’s not to love?

PS: Easter costumes are welcome! (As long as they don’t get in the way of your safety gear.)

Don’t forget! Our time and venue is changing!

It’s almost time for our switch to the Royal City Curling Club! Here’s the schedule for the next few weeks:

April 6: 5-7 PM at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St. This session is $7.

April 13: No session! It’s the TCRG Season Opener at Minoru Arena in Richmond. Get more info here: www.terminalcityrollergirls.com/

April 20: Meaty (Advanced) Session Testing, 10 AM -12 PM at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster. If you would like to be tested, sign up here: www.rawmeatvancouver.com/sign-up-for-meaty-session-testing/ You must sign up in advance to be tested! This session is $12.

April 27: The regular summer sessions begin at RCCC, 75 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster. 10 AM – 12 PM, meaty sessions (skills testing required); 12:30 to 2:30, all-levels-welcome sessions.

Sessions continue at RCCC from 10-12 and 12:30-2:30 every Saturday all summer. In late August, we will move back to our usual 5-7 PM slot at Thunderbird Community Centre.
Sessions at RCCC will be $12 each, or $18 if you stay for both sessions.

What you’ll learn at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating:

We’ll cover the basics of roller skating for women who want to learn roller-derby style skating, including stops, falls, agility drills, skating form, roller skating in proximity with others, a few fun tricks, and some (non-contact) roller derby strategy drills.

All levels of roller skater, including beginners, are welcome. We’ll help beginners learn to skate, and give more advanced skaters some fun drills and games.

What to bring:

You must have roller skates, and all safety gear: kneepads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, and mouth guard. The venue also requires everyone to use white or light-coloured, non-marking toe stoppers. If your kneepads are black, please cover them with white, non-marking hockey tape. Vertical strips of tape work best.

Sessions are $7, and take place every Saturday from 5-7 at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St. In late April, we move to Saturday mornings at the Royal City Curling Club in New Westminster.

Sessions are drop-in. Just grab your gear and come join us!

The rules:

Raw Meat has two rules: 1. Be Safe, 2. Don’t be an asshat. All sessions are non-contact.