Raw Meat Lamb Session: Aussie Rules!

Date & Time: Saturday 27th August · 5pm – 8pm
Location: Thunderbird Community Centre
2311 Cassiar St,Vancouver,British Columbia

You know what the end of the month means Lambs – 3 hour bonanza!

 For the first two hours it will be all the usual fun and awesomeness. Stops, falls, agility, pack work and if you’re lucky some strategy. Meatinatrix also likes to pulverize you with the fitness. You thought my burpees, planks and lunges were terrible? Hahaha. Wait till Meatinatrix whips you into small little blobs of minced meat. She’s going to make you work off all the delicious cookies and beer you will have consumed at the Raw Meat party the night before. (I hope all of you will be coming!)

 And for the last hour… DJ Drop Bear is going to take over and…

Spin you right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, Right round round round!

I’m going to school you… Aussie style. That means we’re going to spend the last hour doing everything the opposite direction. Why? Because I can! It may also be because it is very important to work out both sides of your body evenly to try and minimize injury… but it’s mostly because I can. Prepare for some opposite direction fun times and Tim Tams!

 The Basics:

 At our Lamb sessions, all levels of skater are welcome, but we will focus beginner skaters (Lambs) through the summer. If you are a more advanced skater, don’t worry, we’ll have challenges for you, too.

 This is the lesson to come to if you want to practice your basic skills. We will teach you all the fundamentals to skate safe and build your skill level in a fun, no-pressure, non-contact environment. Turning you into a bad ass is our specialty. If you are already a bad ass, you have found the right place. We like bad asses, but we don’t allow ass hats. It’s an important distinction.

 Raw Meat Lamb sessions run for two hours (5 -7pm) every Saturday, with a special three hour edition (5 – 8pm) at the end of each month.

 This session will be $7 and 3 hours. Fees are subject to change and are attendance dependent.

 Who Can Come to a Raw Meat Lamb Session:

 Anyone who isn’t an Ass-Hat and wants to skate with some great people.

 Raw Meat Lamb Sessions have no skating skills requirements. As long as you have all the correct gear (Quad skates, Helmet, Knee Pads, Wrist guards, Elbow Guards and a Mouth Guard) you are welcome to attend and skate with us. It is also a requirement of our venue that we use white or light toe stoppers and cover your knee and elbow pads with white or light hockey tape to avoid marking the flooring. No gear, No tape, No skate.

 Don’t be afraid to attend these sessions if you are a complete beginner. We will teach you everything you need to know. On the same token, if you are an advanced skater, come on out! We’ll keep you hopping with our evil floor worms. Want to know more? You’ll just have to show up!.

 The Rules:

 We have two simple rules at Raw Meat: 1. Don’t be an Ass-Hat. 2. Be Safe. There is zero-tolerance for breaking these rules.

 We operate in a strictly non-contact environment – no hitting, pushing or overly aggressive skating. But we will cover drills that involve safe touching of teammates and hip/arm whips. If you’re not ok with touching people, derby may not be the sport for you, but you won’t have to worry about getting shoulder checked with us.

 See You All Saturday!