Raw Meat Butcher Shop: Fun With Ass Fault

When: September 3, 5-7 PM
Where: On the asphalt behind Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St.

The gym at Thunderbird Community Centre is undergoing some repairs this week, so we will be meeting outside, at the beautiful hunk of asphalt at the back of Thunderbird school (just walk around the building to 8th St., and you’ll see it). This is weather-permitting, of course, so do double check this page Saturday if the weather is being iffy. We should be good to go, though.

This session will be outdoors, so please use outdoor wheels, tape your skates thoroughly, and wear shorts/tights that will protect your skin if you fall on the asphalt. Because we don’t have to pay for the venue rental, this session is free!

Look for some fun roller skating/roller derby drills with cones, jumping, proximity, agility, endurance, and more. We’ll go over basic skills including stops, falls, and pack work, and we might even throw in a game or two. Everyone is welcome, from beginner to ref to champion derby player. Full safety gear (helmet, mouth guard, and wrist, elbow and knee pads) is required.

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