Need Presents for Roller Derby Girls or Roller Skaters? Look here!

How do you know if you need to buy roller-skate-themed presents for someone special this Christmas?

5.    The only socks she’ll wear are knee-high and multi-coloured
4.    When her friends talk about roller derby movies, they mean, “Blood on the Flat Track,” not “Whip It”.
3.    She’s covered in bruises and fishnet-rash, and proud of it.
2.    You can actually see the odor trailing from her skate bag

And the top reason you should buy the woman in your life some roller-skating presents:

1.    You want to be the coolest parent/partner/friend in the world.

So, now we’ve established what type of thing you should get her for Christmas. Where should you get it?

Vancouver is extremely lucky to have some fantastic businesses catering to roller skaters. Check out these awesome establishments: carries everything a roller skater, roller derby player, or aggressive skating enthusiast could possibly want, from gorgeous custom skates to stocking stuffers like laces, hockey tape and socks. If she doesn’t think pink, flame-patterned or camo hockey tape is the best stocking stuffer ever, then she isn’t a derby girl.

Rollergirl carries men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. Seriously, the ZTX White & Pink girl’s skates are so cute, you’ll want to adopt a kid just to get her tricked out.

The staff at Rollergirl know their stuff, and they won’t sell anything they haven’t personally tested and believe to be awesome. They also have some of the best customer service you will find anywhere. If you are not amazed by how knowledgeable and helpful they are, I’ll eat my wrist guard.

If you are not sure what to roller skate gift to get, just drop in, call or send an email to Rollergirl. They’ll know how to blow her socks off, guaranteed.

Contact Rollergirl:


Phone: toll free 1-866-900-7655, locally or internationally 1-604-708-8602

1387 Odlum Drive
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V5L 3M1

Wednesday Noon-5PM
Thursday Noon-5PM
Friday Noon-5PM

Saturday Noon-5PM

Pivot Star

Derby girls wearing Pivot Star

Derby girls in their natural habitat. Observe the Pivot Star plumage they display.

Pivot Star makes shorts, hoodies and t-shirts just for roller derby. Luludemon, the owner and designer, plays for the TCRG and she knows exactly what derby girls need in an outfit. She’s also an extremely nice person (off the track, that is). Awesome apparel, local company, sweet owner: Pivot Star is just good stuff all around.

Pivot Star’s Sin-e-Star sleeveless hoodie is brilliant. It slips on and off over elbow pads, and the hood is decorated with neon jammer stars. It rocks. The Smarty Pants shorts are practically essential for skating practice. They are stretchy, comfortable, and study enough to withstand repeated tumbles across asphalt. The Chica Bomb Hot Shorts are also awesome. They seem to be infused with magical, booty-enhancing pixie dust. They are the gift that that keeps on giving.

It may be too late to have Pivot Star goods shipped in time for Christmas, but they do have gift certificates. Pivot Star clothing is also available from Rollergirl, and many other retail establishments across Canada and the US.

Contact Pivot Star:


Sock Dreams

Ok, fine. Sock Dreams is based out of Portland, and that’s not exactly local to Vancouver. But, there is a certain spiritual affinity, don’t you think? Besides, they are just plain fun.

Sock Dreams offers all the crazy socks, leg warmers, tights, arm warmers and fishnets she could possibly want. Need “Bacon” socks? Purple polka-dot thigh-highs? Cashmere tights with hearts on them? You name it, they’ve got it.

Never mind all those disparaging jokes about socks for Christmas. If you give a week’s worth of kaleidoscope-hued knee-highs to any derby girl, I think you’ll be pleased with your thank-you.

Sock Dreams ships very quickly to US destinations. Canada may take longer. Contact them for details. If you are running out of time, they do offer gift cards.

Contact Sock Dreams:


Phone:   USA Toll Free: 888.71.SOCKS/888.717.6257, International : +1.503.234.0885,  Customer Service: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm PST

If you are in Portland:
8005 se 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon