Caption Contest


Yes you read it correctly… Free Meat! You’re right to be apprehensive, usually this kind of offer will lead you to A) Old Yeller Burgers B) Driving the porcelain bus with both ends C) A different kind of sausage D) All of the above. But we here at Raw Meat are all about pleasant surprises and would like to give one of you lucky Meatlettes a token of our affection. But were also slightly sadistic so we want you to compete for our love. Well the second part
is mainly just me.

So without further ado presenting… duh duh duh… the Raw Meat photo caption contest! We want to kick off 2011 with some flair, so herald in the new year by bringing some joy and win yourself a prize! Show us your wits, make us laugh and get something for free. It’s all pretty easy really. The following photo is one of my personal faves from the Raw Meat collection and I know with some of your sense of humors added to it we can make it a pinnacle of meatiness.

So what’s the prize you ask? What else but the perfect combo of Derby and Meaty goodness – Meat Knee High Socks!


We know, we have all the good stuff.

Head on over to our facebook page here RM Caption Contest and submit your caption before 4pm Wednesday January 5th to be eligible. We will announce the winner on Thursday and you may collect your socks and glory at the first Raw Meat skate of the new year – Saturday 8th of January at Thunderbird Community Centre.

And even if you don’t win, come skate with us anyways, because awesome
deserves to be together.

Now go! Compete for my meat! (Ooh yeah that sounds just as magnificent as I thought it would)

Fine Print – If you can’t make it to the meeting but we deem your caption to be the funniest I will think about delivering the prize to you but I will probably berate you severely first. No outside of Vancouver winners unless you stipulate you will ship me and the socks to your location – But still feel free to submit your entries, the more laughs the better. Go here for sizing and whatevers on the socks, don’t ask me, I’m just the sock mule.