November 1: Fall Back (into roller skating!)

Join Raw Meat Roller skating on November 1!

Ah, the evening of the most refreshing night of the year. What better way to celebrate the extra hour of sleep we’ll get, than by working up a good sweat? Lots of sleep is the best recovery for a hard workout!

Because we’ll be turning back the clocks, it seems fitting to spend some time working on backwards skating techniques. New to backwards skating? Not to worry! If you can stand up on roller skates, you can skate backwards. I promise. And, we’ll do some forward skating work, too.

Remember, we meet at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St., from 5 to 7 PM every Saturday all fall and winter, so if you can’t make it this week, we’ll see you next week!

What to expect at Raw Meat Roller Skating

We teach roller-derby style roller skating in a fun, non-contact, non-competitive atmosphere. Whether you just want to learn to skate, or you are a top derby player looking for a little more time on skates, we’d love to see you! We’ll cover roller skating basics like falling safely, how to stop, how to skate with agility, how to get faster, how to jump, and lots more. We’ll also introduce basic roller derby strategy and drills.

What to bring to Raw Meat Roller Skating

All skaters must have roller skates (not roller blades!), helmet, mouth guard, and wrist, elbow and knee pads. You must have white or light coloured toe stops, in order to avoid marking the floor. Also, please cover black knee pads with vertical strips of white tape, or securely cover them with socks or felt. Whatever you cover them with, make sure you can still slide on them.

Sessions are $7, and exact change is appreciated.

Our rules

We just have two rules: 1. Be safe, 2. Don’t be an ass-hat.