August 2: Come on out and have a gay old time!

Join Raw Meat Roller Skating on Aug. 2 for  a special Pride edition!

Happy Pride, everybody!

Bust out your tutus, your leather, your rainbows, or your just bring your fabulous self, and join us for our very special Pride edition of Raw Meat Roller Skating. Just make sure you wear something you can sweat in, because you’re going to work it! We’ll play games galore, bust out some roller skating basics, and get all hot and bothered. Don’t worry, no matter what your persuasion, you are most welcome at Raw Meat.*

*Ok, there’s one exception. No ass-hats allowed. If the International Committee for the Promotion of Ass-Hatery has a problem with that, they can take it up with me.

What you’ll learn at Raw Meat Roller Skating:

We’ll teach you roller skate, roller-derby style. Expect a variety of skating skills including stops, falls, jumps, agility, skating close to others, pace lines, games and more. We’ll also teach you some basic derby strategy. All of our sessions are non-contact, so you can learn without fear (well, fear of hip checks, anyway—wheels can still be scary!). Our drills teach you the WFTDA basic skills, so if you plan on trying out for a league, you’ll be prepared.

Not interested in derby but you still want to learn to roller skate? That’s cool, too! The skills you’ll learn will help you skate defensively (and maybe a little offensively) around obstacles such as rocks, branches, random tourists and stray toddlers.

What to bring to Raw Meat Roller Skating:

Every skater must have roller skates, a helmet, mouth guard, and wrist, knee and elbow pads—no exceptions. You’ll get sweaty, and you’ll hit the floor, so please dress accordingly.

Sessions are $12. Please bring cash, and exact change is appreciated. There is an ATM at Royal City Curling Club.

Our Schedule:

We’ll be at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue in New Westminster, every Saturday from 10 AM to Noon all summer long, until August 30.

Starting in September, we’ll move back to Thunderbird Community Centre.

Our Rules:

1. Be safe.
2. Don’t be an Asshat.