The WFTDA Rulebook Cupcake Challenge

It looks like the rain may be socking in for the winter, and opportunities to roller skate outside may be few and far between for the next few months. It’s sad, but don’t despair, because there are lots of other derby-licious activities you can do over the winter. For instance, you could memorize the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Standardized Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Rules! That’s right everyone, Raw Meat Homework! (Don’t despair, there’s cupcakes!) Here’s the deal:

1. Read the WFTDA handbook:
2. On Friday, December 10, I’ll post a short quiz here. Do the quiz, bring it to Raw Meat on Saturday, Dec. 11, and you’ll get a cupcake! No quiz, no cake.
3. Eat the cupcake.
4. Wow your friends at the next bout with your encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of derby.

What could be better than carbs AND street cred?

Don’t forget to take a break from studying the rules, and come to Raw Meat Roller Skating every Saturday!

Please join us for our next session at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St., from 5 to 7 on Saturday, Nov. 20. This past session, our drills included waterfalls, proximity skating, and a fun, fun, fitness drill called Zombie Mattress. Who knows what craziness is coming next? I sense that whips, transitions, and even an intro to positional blocking may be in our future. If none of that makes sense, don’t worry: all Raw Meat sessions are open to beginners, and we adapt drills and provide alternates for anything you are not ready for yet.

We will continue at 5 to 7 on Saturdays right up to December 18. Don’t worry–we’ll resume in January! Stay tuned for confirmation of our dates and times in January and beyond.

Our sessions are $7, and full safety gear is required.

See you on the track!