Thank You, PFM Seattle!

On November 6, PFM Seattle visited Raw Meat, and shared some of their awesome drills. Thank you so much for visiting us!

PFM (Potential Fresh-Meat) is a roller-skating sports club in Seattle. In operation for several years now, PFM teaches women how to skate and how to play roller derby. PFM is an independent organization but many PFMers go on to play with the many derby leagues in Seattle (Rat City, Tilted-Thunder, Emerald City). They showed us some fantastic drills, including work on fitness, transitions, and proximity.

Thanks, PFM! We’ll see you soon!

Coach Jeremy

Coach Jeremy watches intently. Nothing gets past him.

Roller skating coaches

Jackie, from PFM on the left, and on the right, a T-Rex?

Roller Skating Coach

Is it possible we wore her out? (No, no, it isn't).

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