Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating Sept. 29: Equi-Knocks!

Pie Voltage says, "Come skate with us!" When: Saturday, September 29, 5-8 PM (3 hours!)
Where: Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St. (near Rupert Skytrain Station)
What: 3 hours of roller skating and non-contact derby fun!
Who: All skaters are welcome; you must have all your safety gear
How much: $7

Come celebrate the start of fall (Pumkin pie! Pretty leaves! Apples! Halloween!) with a very special edition of Raw Meat. For the first two hours, we’ll skate as usual, running through a number of basic roller skating skills, including stops, falls, agility, jumping, pace lines, and more. For our third hour….wait for it….we’re playing SOCK DERBY!

That’s right! Shed your skates and get ready for a slip-sliding good time in your knee socks! Sock derby is ridiculously fun, and it’s also a great way to get a sense of the rules and strategy of derby without the stress of maneuvering on wheels. It’s also surprisingly tough. Be prepared! You’ll probably fall more in sock derby than you will in the rest of the session. It’s going to be awesome!

What you’ll learn at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating:

We’ll cover stops, falls, agility drills, skating form, roller skating in proximity with others, a few fun tricks, and some (non-contact) roller derby strategy drills. All levels of skater are welcome! If you are a beginner, we’ll help you learn to stop and fall safely. You’ll be zipping around in no time. If you are an experienced skater, we keep it fun with challenging variations and games.

What to bring:

You must have roller skates, and all safety gear: knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, and mouth guard. The venue also requires everyone to use white or light-coloured, non-marking toe stoppers. If your knee pads are black, please cover them with white, non-marking hockey tape. Vertical strips of tape work best.

The rules:

Raw Meat has two rules: 1. Be Safe, 2. Don’t be an asshat.

All sessions are non-contact. Safety gear is required at all times while on wheels.

(Note: I do realize last week was the equinox, but I didn’t think of the name till now. So sue me).