Raw Meat – The Drop Bear Files

Drop Bears crave the limelight

The Drop Bear is out there.

Ready to pounce on another exciting edition of Raw Meat roller skating! This Saturday, the 16th of April from 5 – 8pm, we will be exploding with awesome at the Thundrebird Community Centre once again! I hope everyone is itching for some super skating action after a weekend off watching some exciting roller derby!

Also SPECIAL NOTE: We are still working out details but there will most likely be a TV Reporter and film crew from Novus TV at this weeks session. If you have any issues with being filmed or are trying to hide from Canada’s most wanted, please let us know and we will inform the crew. Otherwise, pretty yourselves up with your best socks and short shorts and prepare for super stardom*. *Raw Meat may or may not lead to super stardom. But will mooch off your fame and claim you as our own if it happens.

FIRST HOUR: Will focus on fundamental roller skating skills, including t-stops, plow stops, knee falls, baseball slides, basic agility drills, and more.

SECOND HOUR: Will feature proximity work—skating in formation with other skaters and moving in various patterns. With some fitness thrown in just cause I can!

THIRD HOUR: Will feature a play scrimmage. It’s all the fun of derby, and none of the contact! We will simulate a roller derby jam, with blockers and jammer, and play though various blocking strategies, but with ABSOLUTELY NO HITTING, SHOVING, PUSHING, or overly aggressive skating. We do not practice any roller derby contact skills. We will slow down the play as needed to keep the practice comfortable for our beginner skaters. Think of this as an opportunity to learn the rules and strategies of roller derby in a fun, safe manner. Plus you even get to wear panties, we have helmet covers too.

Here is a link to the WFTDA rules for your study purposes. We encourage everyone to read these if you want to participate more actively in the scrimmage.

Red Sashes of Awesome
For new, injured, tired or hung-over skaters, we have introduced red sashes. Red sashes will now be available to wear at Raw Meat skates. Wearing a red sash around your waist is a signal to other skaters that you do not want any form of contact (specifically, hip whips). They also signal to give you a bit more room in the pack and as you are skating, particularly in pace lines and scrimmages. We want everyone to feel comfortable joining in all of our drills. No one should feel pressured to skate beyond their skill level—we all started from the same place.

Our sessions are $7 for three hours of amazement and as always, full safety gear (helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads, – mouth guard is especially important for scrimmage) is needed. We have two rules: 1. Be Safe, and 2. Don’t Be an Ass-Hat. We have zero tolerance for breaking these rules.