Raw Meat Roller Skating Oct. 27: Hallo–WEEEEEEEEE–n!

When: Saturday, October 27, 5 to 8 PM–Three hours!
Where: Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St.
What: Three hours of roller skating skills and roller derby drills
Who: All levels of roller skater, full safety gear required
Why: Because it’s awesome
How much: $7

Be afraid…be very afraid…

Of ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night! Mostly because, on roller skates, bumps don’t end well, unless you are in derby stance! This session, we’ll work on avoiding danger, side-stepping evil, warding off frightening wrist-guard stink, and other feats of agility and daring-do.

Do come in costume, and do be prepared to sweat (in fear?). Through drills, games and a few special Halloween surprises, you’ll learn to skate like your life depends on it….Mwahahahahahaha!

This session is three full hours of terrifying bumps and thrilling grinds.

What you’ll learn at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating:

You’ll learn all the basics of roller skating, plus a few not-so-basic tips and tricks. We’ll cover stops, falls, agility drills, skating form, roller skating in proximity with others, a few fun tricks, and some (non-contact) roller derby strategy drills.
All levels of roller skater, including beginners, are welcome.

What to bring:

You must have roller skates, and all safety gear: knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, and mouth guard. The venue also requires everyone to use white or light-coloured, non-marking toe stoppers. If your knee pads are black, please cover them with white, non-marking hockey tape. Vertical strips of tape work best.