Raw Meat Roller Skating Nov. 4: Skate Your Snickers Off

Happy Halloween hangover, everybody!

After all of the fun, fear and frolic of Halloween, it’s time to get your tootsie rolling with a good sweat session on roller skates. Hold on to your jujubes as we put you through all the roller skating basics, plus a few new tricks.

New skater? Worried about being a butterfingers? Don’t be! You’ll be feeling like Mr. Big on your skates in no time. Expert skater? Never fear. We’ve got a few Trix up our sleeve to show you.

What are you waiting for? Grab your gear, and get your lollipop on the track!

Join us from 5-7 PM at Thunderbird Community Centre on Saturday, Nov. 4, and let the jelly roll!

What you’ll learn at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating:

You will learn the basics of roller skating, including stops, falls, agility drills, skating form, roller skating in proximity with others, a few fun tricks, and some (non-contact) roller derby strategy drills.

All levels of roller skater, including beginners, are welcome. We’ll help beginners learn to skate, and give more advanced skaters some fun drills and games.

What to bring:

You must have roller skates, and all safety gear: knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, and mouth guard. The venue also requires everyone to use white or light-coloured, non-marking toe stoppers. If your knee pads are black, please cover them with white, non-marking hockey tape. Vertical strips of tape work best.

Sessions are $7, and take place every Saturday from 5-7 at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St., Vancouver. It’s very close to Rupert Skytrain Station.

Sessions are drop-in. Just grab your gear and come join us!

Raw Meat has two rules: 1. Be Safe, 2. Don’t be an asshat. All sessions are non-contact.