Raw Meat Roller Skating Meaty Session May 18: Lay-Z-Blocking

When: Saturday, May 18, 10 AM– Noon
Where: Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster
What: 2 hours of advanced roller skating skills, spills and one or two frills
Who: Skaters must have passed the Raw Meat skills test or be a current derby league skater to attend this session.
How Much: $12
Why: For a nice, relaxing start to your long weekend

Ah….that’s better. Pull up a jammer, sit down, relax, and learn from the laziest blocker out there. Snow Crash will show you how to lean back, chill out, and turn the zippiest jammer into your own personal recliner.

About Raw Meat Roller Skating Meaty Sessions

These are our advanced sessions. They will focus on advanced roller skating skills, endurance, and an introduction to roller derby rules and strategy. These sessions feature advanced skills, but continue to be non-contact.

A skills test is required to attend Meaty sessions. If you are a current league skater who has passed WFTDA basic skills (the old test), or an on-skates WFTDA referee, you are welcome to attend any time. Just drop in! If you would like to take the test, come to our 12:30 session and speak to a coach, or email info (at) rawmeatvancouver (dot) com.

These sessions are $12. If you attend a Meaty session and stay to skate at a Lamb session (12:30-2:30), it is $18 for both.