Raw Meat Roller Skating Lamb Session Aug. 24: One Skate, Two Skate, Red Skate, Blue Skate

When: Saturday, Aug 24, 12:30 – 2:30 PM
Where: Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster
What: 2 hours of beginner-friendly roller skating skills=
Who: All levels of skater welcome, just drop in! (with all your safety gear, please!)
How Much: $12
Why: Being a skater couldn’t be greater!

Would you skate in a house?
Would you skate with a mouse?
Would you skate right here or there?
Would you skate most anywhere?

If your answer is:

I would! I would skate in a house! I would skate with a mouse! I would skate right here AND there! I would skate most anywhere!

Then clearly, you belong at Raw Meat. What are you waiting for? Grab your roller skates and your safety gear, and come join us!

Our special guest coach Megs will lead you through a number of roller skating drills and thrill. Come join us! And don’t forget to wear your party hat!

Reminder! Schedule Change Coming Up!

This is our second to last session at Royal City Curling Club for 2013! We’re back at RCCC on Aug. 31, then there is no session on Sept. 7. On Sept. 14, we start back at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St., from 5 to 7 every Saturday all fall and winter. Note that there is only one session per week through the fall and winter, and all levels of skater are welcome. In spring 2014, we’ll return to RCCC, dates to be confirmed.

Raw Meat Roller Skating Lamb Session Basics:

At our Lamb sessions, all levels of roller skater are welcome. These sessions will focus on basic roller skating skills, including stops, falls, agility, skating with others, and more. Our emphasis is on the skating techniques you will need if you hope to join a roller derby team one day, but jam skaters and people hoping to get around the seawall in one piece will learn some new tricks too. There are always fun and games, and advanced skaters will be challenged.

Are you a complete beginner? Never fear! We will teach you all the fundamentals to skate safe and build your skill level in a fun, no-pressure, non-contact environment. Turning you into a bad ass is our specialty. If you are already a bad ass, you have found the right place. We like bad asses, but we don’t allow ass hats. It’s an important distinction.

Sessions are $12. Sessions will run at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th St. in New Westminster, from 12:30 to 2:30 every Saturday until August 31.

Who Can Come to a Raw Meat Lamb Session:

Anyone who isn’t an Ass-Hat and wants to roller skate with some great people.

Raw Meat Lamb Sessions have no skating skills requirements. As long as you have all the correct gear (Quad skates, Helmet, Knee Pads, Wrist guards, Elbow Guards and a Mouth Guard—no exceptions) you are welcome to attend and skate with us.

Please remember to put your name on your helmet or the back of your shirt so we can know what to call you on the track!

The Rules:

We have two simple rules at Raw Meat: 1. Don’t be an Ass-Hat. 2. Be Safe. There is zero-tolerance for breaking these rules.