Raw Meat: Lamb Appreciation Edition

We love our lambs

Raw Meat has fallen in love… with our Lambs! Otherwise known as our new skaters - And were smitten! Join us for another exciting adventure 5 – 7pm Saturday March 12th at Thunderbird Community Centre.

We’re back to a two hour time slot for this week but were going to make those two hours count! Join us for thrills, no spills (hopefully) and the usual bonanza of awesome that is Raw Meat. Because it’s the Lamb Appreciation Edition we’d like to finish off the night by showing our Lambs some love. Which means that we’d like everyone to join us afterwards for some social activity at Toby’s Bar on Commercial Drive so we can hang out and get to know everyone some more! http://www.tobys.ca/home.htm Plus there will be beer! Who can say no? Not me, I’m at the bar already!

Some important notes on Raw Meat pricing: This week’s session will be $5 for the two hours. But we will go back to $7 for our 3 hour sessions. We cannot guarantee that it will always remain $5 for any future two hour sessions, but our higher attendance levels of late means we can offer everyone a better time / value system and drop the price for this weeks shorter edition. Raw Meats fees are based around our estimated attendance level. Nobody makes any money from Raw Meat, we take enough to cover our facility costs and insurance. Any extra is filtered back into the group and used for Meaty related costs only.

Don’t forget:

Raw Meat has two rules:
1. Don’t be an ass-hat.
2. Be safe.

If there is ever a situation that makes you uncomfortable, please let us know. It is hard to see everything that happens at Raw Meat, and we can’t address situations that we don’t know about. Please contact us through our Facebook page or at info@rawmeatvancouver.com if you ever have something to talk about.

Red Sashes of Awesome

We have also initiated a new karate belt type system for our lambs (or really hungover / injured Meatlettes). Red sashes will now be available to wear at Raw Meat skates. Wearing a red sash around your waist is a signal to other skaters that you do not want any form of contact (specifically, hip whips). They also signal to give you a bit more room in the pack and as you are skating, particularly in pace lines and scrimmages. We want everyone to feel comfortable joining in all of our drills. No one should feel pressured to skate beyond their skill level—we all started from the same place.

Thank you all for the positive feedback. We have lots of exciting things to announce in the new few weeks so stay tuned for big news once we get through the paper work! Please keep the feedback coming in also and let us know what you think!

This weeks session is $5. Our last two weeks of March (19th and 26th) will be back to the 3 hour time slot and to $7. To participate, you will need roller skates (quad skates), and full protective gear. No black toe stoppers are allowed at Raw Meat. Please use white or light-coloured toe stoppers only, in order to respect the floors at Thunderbird. In addition, if your knee pads are black, please cover them with white or light-coloured tape.