Nov. 28: 3, 2, 1…Tiki Time!

Tike Timebomb is our special guest coach! Photo courtesy of Bob Ayers.That’s right! Fresh from Hawaii, bringing sunshine and kick-ass drills, this week our special guest coach is Tiki Timebomb! This Faster Pussycat is a phenomenal skater, a fabulous coach, and can rock a neon onesie like no one else. If you don’t learn anything else this session, you’ll learn a whole new appreciation for roller derby puns.

Our fancy feline will lead you through a fresh mix of roller skating and roller derby basic skills. No matter your skating level, this session will have something for everyone, so be sure to come join us!

Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating sessions cater to roller skaters at all levels, from just unpacking your skates from the box, to derby all-star just looking for more time on eight wheels. You’ll learn stops, falls, agility, jumps, transitions, backwards skating, pace lines, weaving, and variety of roller derby drills. Our sessions are always non-contact, so you can practice with confidence, but the skills we teach will get you ready to try out for a derby team. Not interested in derby? That’s ok too! After a few sessions with us, you’ll be skating the seawall in style.

If you don’t yet have your roller skates, check out They have all the gear you need, and you can rent a gear package so you can see if skating is right for you before you commit to a purchase.

To skate at Raw Meat, you’ll need: roller skates, helmet, mouth guard, and wrist, knee and elbow pads. Your skates must have white or light, non-marking toestops, and you must cover your knee pads with vertical stripes of white tape. This is at the request of the venue, and it’s to avoid marking the floors.

Raw Meat meets every Saturday from 5-7 PM at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St., Vancouver. Session are only $7.

See you on the track!

Photo credit: Bob Ayers