July 4: Five reasons you should come skate at Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

Learn to roller skate with Raw Meat Vancouver Roller SkatingHere’s five great reasons you should come to Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating:

  1. You want to learn to roller skate.
    This is where we’re a Viking! We’ve had people show up to Raw Meat with their brand new roller skates still in the box. We’ll show you how to stop, fall, jump, move with agility, and do all sorts of crazy things.
  2. You want to play roller derby.
    Raw Meat focuses on roller-derby style roller skating. At Raw Meat, you’ll learn all the basic skills you’ll need to try out for a league. You’ll also get an introduction to the basic rules of roller derby, and skate through some basic roller derby drills. Our sessions are always non-contact, so it’s a safe and fun way to see if the sport is for you.
  3. You want to make friends.
    Raw Meat is a great place to make friends. Our no-asshats rule does most of the work for you! Everyone who comes to Raw Meat is awesome. After all, we just have the two rules: 1. Be safe. 2. No asshats.
  4. You want a challenge.
    No matter whether you are getting on roller skates for the first time as an adult (terrifying!) or you are trying to get a personal record for laps skated in five minutes (painful!), there’s always a new challenge to master as a roller skater. Everyone’s skills and bodies are different. Some people can’t skate sidestance after years of trying. Some new skaters can tap dance on their toestops like Fred Astaire. Everyone has something they can do well, and something they are working on. No matter what your fitness or skating skill level, there’s always something to learn in this sport. There’s no better place to practice than at Raw Meat.
  5. You want to have fun!
    Where else can you gather at 10 am on a sunny summer Saturday, strap on stinky safety gear, and play tag on roller skates? No where but Raw Meat.

What are you waiting for? See you Saturday!

All skaters must bring roller skates, helmet, mouth guard, wrist, elbow and knee pads. Sessions are $12.

We’ll be at Royal City Curling Club all summer until August 22. We change time and venue in the fall. Please note: there is no session on July 11.