January 9: Learn to roller skate in 2016 with Raw Meat!

Happy 2016, Raw Meaties! This is the year to learn to roller skate!Welcome to 2016, Raw Meaties!

Did you resolve to learn to roller skate in 2016? To meet cool people? To get more exercise? To have more fun?

Well then, you have come to the right place. At Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating, you’ll learn to roller skate, learn roller derby basics, meet great people, and have a ton of fun. It’s also great exercise, and a really good way to meet your fitness goals for 2016.

Starting January 9, and running all through the winter, we meet every Saturday at Thunderbird Community Centre, 2311 Cassiar St, from 5 to 7 PM. Sessions are only $7, and a good time is guaranteed.

Learn to roller skate at Raw Meat:

At Raw Meat, we’ll teach you roller derby style roller skating. You’ll learn to stop, fall, jump, avoid obstacles, skate backwards, transition, skate around others, and lots of other fun tricks. If you would like to play roller derby some day, we’ll give you a strong foundation in skating, in a fun, non-contact atmosphere.

If you don’t want to play derby, that’s ok too! The style of skating you’ll learn at Raw Meat is perfect for roller skating the seawall on a beautiful summer day, dodging tourists, rocks, sticks, and those little dogs on invisible leads as you go.

What you need to get started roller skating:

To get started at Raw Meat, you don’t need any prior experience, you just need the gear: roller skates, helmet, mouth guard, and wrist, elbow and knee pads. The toe stops on your skates must be white or light, and black knee pads must be covered with vertical strips of white tape, or a felt cover. This is at the request of the venue, to prevent marks on the floor.

If you don’t have the gear yet, check out Rollergirl. Their shop is at 11th Main, and they rent equipment, if you want to check it out before you commit to all the bits and pieces.

Raw Meat has just two simple rules: 1. Be Safe, 2. Don’t be an ass-hat.

I’ll see you Saturday!