Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

September 20: Falling for Roller Skating!

It’s almost the official start of fall! Yikes! Time is flying. And, if you come to Raw Meat this Saturday, you’ll be flying too. Flying on your roller skates, that is. You’ll also be falling, let’s be honest. But falling—safely, with control and good form—is an important skill, and we’ll teach you how. In fact, if you are a newer skater, it’s the first thing we’ll teach you. If you are an experienced skater, well, we’ll still make you practice falls. It’s good for you, I promise.

Falls are just one of the roller skating skills you’ll learn at Raw Meat. We’ll also show you stops, agility moves, jumps, transitions, skating backward, skating with other skaters, weaving, basic roller derby strategy and more! Plus, games! From tag to dodge ball to the gummy worm game, it’s just good, sweaty fun.

While we do teach the basics of roller derby, Raw Meat sessions are always non-contact. (i.e. No hitting, but you’ll still get a bit snuggly with your fellow skaters. If you have personal space issues, this is not your sport.)

Raw Meat Roller Skating sessions run every Saturday all fall and winter from 5 to 7 PM at Thunderbird Community Centre is at 2311 Cassiar St. in Vancouver, just a few blocks from Rupert Skytrain Station.

Fall is a great time to start skating. Practice your skills indoors all winter, and by the time summer comes, you’ll be ripping up the seawall. Seriously—what are you waiting for? Join us!

What to bring to Raw Meat Roller Skating:

Every skater must have roller skates, a helmet, mouth guard, and wrist, knee and elbow pads—no exceptions. You’ll get sweaty, and you’ll hit the floor, so please dress accordingly. Thunderbird requires all skaters to use white or light coloured toe stops, and cover black knee pads with white or light hockey tape. Use vertical strips! This is to protect the floors from scuff marks.

Sessions are $7. Please bring cash. Exact change is appreciated.

Our Rules:

Raw Meat has just two, simple rules: 1. Be safe. 2. Don’t be an ass-hat.

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