Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

Reminder: No Raw Meat Session on June 7! Join us on June 14!

There will be no Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating Session on June 7. I know, it’s very sad. But, hang on for just one week, and join us for two hours of roller skating fun on June 14. We’ll be at Royal City Curling Club (75 East 6th Ave. in New Westminster) from 10 AM to Noon on the 14th. Baring disasters, we’ll be there at the same time every Saturday all summer until Aug. 30. In September, we’ll switch to a new time and venue.

In meantime, it’s beautiful outside! Get out there and skate! If you are new to outdoor skating, take it slow. Be sure to wear all of your skating gear, and look for smooth, flat pavement. The Stanley Park seawall makes for a spectacular skate, but there are a couple of hills along the route, as well as some bumpy bits. If you are looking for a smoother place to skate, basketball courts, lacrosses boxes, school playgrounds, skateboard parks and empty parking lots can offer space. Just be sure to check them out for cracks, rocks and random detritus. Check out our list of places to skate for a few ideas!

See you on the 14th!

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