Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

Raw Meat Roller Skating May 31: Meat Grinder

What: 2 hours of roller skating
When: May 31, 10 AM to Noon
Where: Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th Ave., New Westminster
Who: You, silly!
Why: Because you want to be an awesome roller skater
How much: $12


I mean, Hi, Everybody!

This week, we’re going to break down your skating form, and build it up from scratch. You’ll feel the burn, but your speed, strength and cross-overs will all improve.

Everyone at all levels with benefit from these drills. If you are just starting out, this will help you build up good form from the ground up. If you are struggling to breakthrough on your crossovers, this may be the push you need. And, if you are freaking awesome, this will still be a heck of a workout.
Don’t worry, though! We’ve got some fun drills planned to apply your new skills.

About Raw Meat Roller Skating

Raw Meat Roller Skating teaches women how to roller skate, with an emphasis on the basic skills needed to play roller derby. In addition to roller skating skills such as stops, falls, agility, jumping, skating with others and more, we also look at basic roller derby strategy and positioning. Our drills are always non-contact (but you should be comfortable getting close to others), so you can learn the essentials without fear.

Not interested in derby but you still want to learn to roller skate? That’s cool, too! The skills you’ll learn will help you skate defensively (and maybe a little offensively) around obstacles such as rocks, branches, random tourists and stray toddlers.

What to bring to Raw Meat Roller Skating:

Every skater must have roller skates, a helmet, mouth guard, and wrist, knee and elbow pads—no exceptions. You’ll get sweaty, and you’ll hit the floor, so please dress accordingly.

Sessions are $12. Please bring cash, and exact change is appreciated. There is an ATM at Royal City Curling Club.

Our Schedule:

On Saturday, June 7, there is NO session. There was a prior booking at RCCC, and even though the booking has fallen through, we’ve got plans. So there.

Otherwise, meet us at RCCC every Saturday from 10 AM to Noon all summer long. Starting in September, we’ll move back to Thunderbird Community Centre.

Our Rules:

1. Be safe.
2. Don’t be an Asshat.

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