Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

Raw Meat Morning Get-together, August 11: I love the smell of wristguards in the morning

To heck with coffee, there’s nothing like the foul stench of safety gear first thing in the morning to put a little hair on your chest, is there? So, if it’s not pouring rain on August 11, get yourself out of bed and get to the field hockey box at Queen Elisabeth park for a little outdoor skating first thing in the morning. If we get there early, hopefully, we’ll be the only ones using the space. This is a public, non-bookable space, though, so we may have to adjust our plans and/or play nice with others if some other group is already there.

Queen Elizabeth Park is at 4600 Cambie St., Vancouver. The hockey box is inside the park, between Cambie and Main, just a little north of 37th.

If you are planning to try out for the TCRG this fall, practicing your basic skills at Queen Elizabeth (or any other outdoor space) is an excellent idea. The tryouts will be on asphalt, so do try to get used to it!

Reminder: New time and venue for Raw Meat starts now!

Sadly, we’ve had our last session at RCCC for this year, but Raw Meat continues! We’ll be at Thunderbird Community Centre at 2311 Cassiar St., Vancouver, all fall and winter, except for August 11, August 25 and September 8 (TCRG bout days). Sessions at Thunderbird are just $7, so come on out, and bring all of your friends. Except for the ass-hats. We have a strict no ass-hats policy.

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