Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

May 7: Raw Meat Grinder

Want to learn to roller skate? Come join Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating!All right everyone, here’s the session you’ve been waiting for. This week, you are going to learn how to do 27-in-5*. We’ll take a look at speed skating form, work on strength drills to build your skating muscles, and examine how best to position yourself on the track to crush your WFTDA basic skills testing.

*If you aren’t familiar with “27-in-5”, it’s one of the tests that derby skaters need to pass to skate for a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) team. Skaters need to be able to skate around the track 27 times in 5 minutes.

Are you a beginner? Never fear! Everything we are going to learn will help you get started skating with really good roller skating form that you can build on as you gain strength, speed and confidence. Even if this your first time on roller skates, you’ll get a lot out of this session.

Don’t worry, we’ll also play some games and have a little fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Please join us this Saturday at 10 am at Royal City Curling Club, 75 East 6th in New Westminster.

About Raw Meat Vancouver Roller Skating

At Raw Meat, we teach roller-derby style roller skating. If you are dreaming of playing derby one day, come join us. We’ll show you all of the basic skills you’ll need to try out for a roller derby league, including stops, falls, pace lines, weaving, agility, jumping, transitions, backwards skating, and much more. We also teach the basics of roller derby rules and strategy. Please note: our sessions are always non-contact, so the one thing you won’t learn is hitting. This lets you get a feel for the sport in a fun, low-risk environment.

Not interested in derby? That’s ok too! All the skills that we teach can be put to good use skating on the seawall.

To skate at Raw Meat, you’ll need roller skates, a helmet, a mouth guard, and wrist, elbow and knee pads. If you need gear, check out Rollergirl.ca. Their shop is at Main and 11th, and they rent gear, so you can give skating a try.

Raw Meat meets at Royal City Curling Club every Saturday from 10 am to noon all summer. In September, our venue and time will change.

Sessions are just $12.

We just have two rules: 1. Be safe, 2. Don’t be an asshat.

See you Saturday!


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