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Raw Meat – The Drop Bear Cometh

Guess whose back? Mwaahahahaha. Get ready for 3 hours of marsupial action! I slice! I dice! My ears look very nice! This Saturday the 26th of March from 5-8 pm you will see it all! FIRST HOUR: Will focus on fundamental skating skills, including t-stops, plow stops, knee falls, baseball slides, basic agility drills, and […]

Raw Meat: Lamb Appreciation Edition

 Raw Meat has fallen in love… with our Lambs! Otherwise known as our new skaters – And were smitten! Join us for another exciting adventure 5 – 7pm Saturday March 12th at Thunderbird Community Centre. We’re back to a two hour time slot for this week but were going to make those two hours count! Join […]

Mish love's freshies

To the Fresh Meat, love from me

For those of you that don’t know, this time of year is Vancouver derby christmas. The special time when Fresh Meat ends and all the league teams get to announce the meaties they will be claiming for their very own. Today was the day that the girls would find out whether they had passed the […]

Caption Contest

WIN FREE MEAT! Yes you read it correctly… Free Meat! You’re right to be apprehensive, usually this kind of offer will lead you to A) Old Yeller Burgers B) Driving the porcelain bus with both ends C) A different kind of sausage D) All of the above. But we here at Raw Meat are all […]