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Raw Meat Meaty Session: Let It Snow

This week’s Meaty edition runs from 10am to 12 noon, Saturday 4th June at the Royal City Curling Club, 75 6th Avenue East, New Westminster, BC. Oh, the weather outside is frightful (Seriously Vancouver it’s June, get with it) But the drills will be so delightful (By delightful we may mean painful) And since we’ve got no place […]

Raw Meat Skills Test

In follow up to our posting and announcement of our Advanced sessions…. Here it is people, the official Raw Meat Skills Testing Report Card! (Draft) Raw Meat Skills Test PDF There maybe some minor changes before Saturday, but they are cosmetic. The skills as they written here are what you will be tested on henceforth […]

Raw Meat – The Drop Bear Files

The Drop Bear is out there. Ready to pounce on another exciting edition of Raw Meat roller skating! This Saturday, the 16th of April from 5 – 8pm, we will be exploding with awesome at the Thundrebird Community Centre once again! I hope everyone is itching for some super skating action after a weekend off watching […]